Like many in the District, several of us here at The Ninja have also experienced real estate fatigue when trying to buy a home inside DC boundaries. Competitive bids, shady home flips, and expensive prices are enough to make even the most die-hard DC fan move to the suburbs. That said, taking a step back and looking at Prince of Petworth’s posting of the District’s  August 2015 Home/Condo Sales, we were able to learn a lot about some of DCs housing sales from this summer’s home buying season.

To go about this experiment, we have geocoded all of the August sale data posted on Popville and used a GeoSpatial Database to annotate the data with the neighborhood it fits in based on the DC Open Data Neighborhood boundaries. This allowed us to look at the data with more relevant groupings and meta-data which taught us a lot about where people bought in August and for how much. For example: The neighborhood with the highest price paid over-asking was Cleveland Park at a whopping $241,000 over asking price. This is a stark contrast with the highest price paid over-asking by percentage which was in Hillcrest, SE, where the price was $82,600 but represented an 82% over ask selling price as the house was $100,000 to begin with. Petworth dominated the top lists having 3 of the top 15 over-ask by percentage, and 2 out of the top 10 over-ask by dollar value.

Below you will find a table and an interactive map. The table contains the top 5 neighborhoods with August 2015 home/condo sales and average close price in D.C. The interactive map is divided by the District’s 4 quadrants and contains the top 10 home/condo’s sold both over and under their respective list prices. Click on any of the map points to see more details about the house sold. Both the table and map were created using the data posted by Popville and provided by Long and Foster with meta-data and other derived information being taken from DC Open Data.


Neighborhood Number Sold Average Close Price
Dupont Circle 37 $487,345
Columbia Heights 32 $544,586
Adams Morgan 21 $622,057
Petworth 20 $605,655
Mount Vernon Square 20 $488,206

August Top 10 Over Under Home Sales



August 2015 Home/Condo Sales
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