While we currently live in a time where there is plenty of open and accessible data, much of this data is not easily digestible. Many local and federal government agencies have spent long hours making such datasets available to us, covering subjects like education, crime, and economic development. That being said, such files are often hard to read, navigate, and work with.  District Ninja’s goal is to present data in a consumable way that helps spark conversations, thereby creating and promoting a civically engaged District. Through the use of visuals and interactive maps, we will present data in a way which will allow you to discover new patterns and connections, fostering an environment of civic discussion and participation.

Each District Ninja post will feature charts and interactive maps that will let you see, think, and interact with data in ways you have been unable to until now. Each post will also contain a short summary of trends, insights, and other cool facts about the visual. Below you can find several examples of the visuals we are eager to bring you. First, you will notice an interactive color-coded map which contains all eight of the District’s Wards. By simply hovering your mouse over each Ward, you will be able to see demographic data concerning that Ward, such as population, percentage of home ownership, and average rent per month.

We have also put to use the data made available by the Vision Zero Initiative, which aims to help the District reach zero transportation related fatalities and serious injuries by 2024.  The data contains the results of numerous surveys conducted by District Vision Zero teams, which aim to identify all District locations where transportation hazards exist. We have helped illuminate this data through the use of interactive color-coded bar charts based on safety issues, user type (car driver, biker, and pedestrian,) and give you the ability to filter data based on Ward selection.

These visuals are a small sample of the information we can’t wait to bring you. Enjoy!

2013 Ward Snapshot


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