Once again, D.C. Long & Foster realtor Valerie Green has made it possible for the District Ninja team to bring back the Ninja Report for D.C. home sales in February 2016. Many thanks to Valerie for this data. We tried some new things in this such as breaking the sales down by D.C.’s four quadrants. Onto the data!

The following visual breaks down the number of properties sold in each quadrant in the month of February. The number below the top figure on each bar chart is the average closing price for a property in that quadrant. If you hover over the individual blocks of the color-coded box to the right, you can search each quadrant by neighborhood. For each neighborhood, you’ll see how many homes were sold, the average square feet, and average closing price. The boxes within each quadrant are also sized based on number of homes sold thus the larger the box, the greater the number of sales.



We also wanted to get an idea of how things have changed from January to February. To do so, we created the following table and visual below. This table is color coded by month and shows each of the top 5 neighborhoods with the most amount of sales for each month. The team was interested to see that 3 out of 5 of the top 5 remained the same! That being said it was also interesting to see how differently the consistent 3 neighborhoods fared. For example, Columbia Heights had three more sales in February resulting in a 16.6% increase while Dupont Circle saw 10 fewer sales in February resulting in a 40% drop in sales.

January vs. February Top 5 Neighborhoods with Most Sales

Top 5 Neighborhoods w/ Most Sales # Sold Feb. Top 5 Neighborhoods w/ Most Sales # Sold
Dupont Circle 25 Columbia Heights 21
Columbia Heights 18 Georgetown 18
Petworth 16 Petworth 17
Cardozo Shaw 13 Kingman Park 16
Adams Morgan 12 Dupont Circle 15
N/A Logan Circle/Shaw 15
Total Sales 449 Total Sales 470

The following visual shows you the top 5 neighborhoods for the month of February and if you hover over each bar, you can see the average closing price, average list price, and average square foot for each neighborhood.


Finally we have a map that breaks down each neighborhood in DC and shows total home sales in each. Click on any neighborhood to drill down to see the specific homes sold and double click to zoom back out on the map.

Ninja Report: February 2016 D.C. Home Sales
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