How many points should a $10 million a year player score? Does getting paid more than $ 5 million a year mean you need at least “x” amount of assists and “y” amount of rebounds? Sports salaries are tough to hack and NBA players are no exception. Generally guaranteed, based on future projections, and so dependent on timing, NBA player contracts can lead to many head scratching moments. A current example of this is reigning NBA MVP and Champion, Stephen Curry. These recent accolades do not change the fact that he’s he’s the 64th highest paid NBA player this season. While the reason behind his current contract is widely attributed to his multiple ankle injuries in his earlier years, it doesn’t change the fact that the NBA’s current best player and reigning MVP has a contract that pays him less than 63 other NBA players, making little to no sense if purely measured by produced figures.

The District Ninja team does not have the answer to the player contract enigma, but it does have some serious Washington Wizards fans. We also love us some number crunching and data visualizing. We combined our two loves and decided to do a post on how the Wizards salary dollars are working for the team. Below you can see an interactive bar chart that shows you each Washington Wizards player’s salary classified by position. See and read the rest of this post on the Hoop District blog, an awesome blog focusing on the Washington Wizards.

Off The Court Numbers: A Look At The Wizards True Value Based On Their Salary And PER
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